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School fees / Net profit / Capital raising

School fees / Net profit / Capital raising

Sick of school fees and want that hefty commitment finished with?

The challenge

Our clients were fed up with having to pay hefty school fees for their numerous children each month, and decided they wanted to capital raise to eliminate the burden it was having on monthly cashflow, especially when trying to minimise what they were taking from the business.

The business had been trading well for years, so the net profits were fantastic. However they took minimal salary and dividends, which made the school fees that much more challenging on them being able to enjoy life to the full. It was also hindering getting any sort of mortgage!

The solution

We found a lender who would ignore the school fees completely if they were being paid off in their entirety. This was based on the cost of the school fees with how long each of the children had left in full time education.

By using net profits from the business too, this enable them to capital raise enough to pay off the school fees and also finish some home improvements.

With the school fees gone from their monthly budget, the mortgage payments were nowhere near the same level, meaning all their overall goals of enjoying life and reducing the monthly financial burden were realised.

After thought

Yes, you can capital raise for school fees which in turn eliminates them in future mortgage affordability (assuming you’re raising enough to pay for them in full, to the end of your children’s education). Some people want peace of mind in different ways. We can work with you to find what that is.

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David was absolutely amazing, from helping us find the right mortgage, to advising us, to being on hand for silly questions we had. Nothing was too much trouble for him. I will absolutely be recommending him to our friends.

Frederica Turner

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