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Secured loans

A secured loan (also known as a second charge mortgage) allows you to borrow additional monies against a property which already has an existing mortgage secured against it (known as a first charge).

A traditional remortgage may not be the best option for you if you’re already on a favourable mortgage product or if you will incur large early repayment charges to refinance. Upon a detailed review of your circumstances, a secured loan may therefore be an alternative viable option for you.

Our expert lending partners can liaise further with you to understand your situation and objectives to subsequently provide an appropriate secured loan solution.

Equity Release / Lifetime mortgages

If you’re nearing retirement and worried about paying off your mortgage or even want to release equity from your home to fund your lifestyle or long-term care, then there are refinancing options available. Our specialists can assist in tailoring solutions to individual circumstances.

Our network

Given our length of experience in the industry, we have built up a number of contacts in various fields such as solicitors, surveyors and accountants. We can therefore make appropriate introductions to assist you across the whole mortgage journey.

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We have used David Turner a number of times and he never fails to deliver. He is extremely helpful and professional and we always recommend him to friends and family who need advice. Many thanks David.

Alex Alban-Moore

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