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Low dividends / High net profit / School fees

Low dividends / High net profit / School fees

Profitable business, don’t draw much, and struggling to raise a mortgage?

The challenge

A recent professional referral from an accountant introducer of ours passed us a client who was struggling to get enough lending to remortgage, let alone anything else on top.

Why? They didn’t take a lot from their successful business, which penalised them in the eyes of their lender in terms of how much they could borrow as most go off salary and dividends.

Not only did they want to remortgage to consolidate a second charge, they also wanted to remortgage to wipe out their significant monthly school fees and raise some for home improvements.

The solution

We found a lender who were able to lend for all of these things, utilising the net profit in the business, and also ignoring the school fees entirely, as they were being wiped out by the new mortgage.

To put this in perspective, his own lender could only lend £350k, and we were able to get him £920k.

After thought

We have access to a huge number of lenders who can look at various circumstances differently, including the many ways people are paid. We are here to help you navigate your situation to realise your goals.

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David was absolutely amazing, from helping us find the right mortgage, to advising us, to being on hand for silly questions we had. Nothing was too much trouble for him. I will absolutely be recommending him to our friends.

Frederica Turner

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