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Self Employed

Making the switch

With many now wanting more flexibility in their working conditions or choosing to be a master of their own destiny, has led to a large increase in individuals moving into self-employed professions. However, many who have made the switch may have realised the challenges this can then bring when trying to raise a mortgage. Without a regular form of income and with the effects of COVID, the lenders will concentrate more on the actual business.  This often involves the lenders carrying out extra due diligence and a greater number of documents being required before approving the mortgage.

At Helix, we have vast experience in dealing with all forms of self-employment. Whilst the majority of banks will want to see you have two years accounts for your business, we do have lenders who can work from one year’s figures if you have previous experience in the same line of work. Also, whilst many lenders will work on income drawn from a limited company in the form of salary and dividends, we deal with others that can work on the profits of the business and salary instead.

Solutions to help you with your mortgage needs

Lastly, a number of professions have moved to taking self-employed staff on a fixed term contract basis. Recent tax changes to IR35 rules have seen a drop in this level of activity but it is still prevalent. We have lenders that understand these contracts and can work on the day rate of the contract instead.

Therefore, whether you are a sole trader, partnership or running your own limited company we can offer a number of solutions to help you with your mortgage needs.

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I have used Adam for around 4 years now and I honestly would never trust anyone else. Being self employed and trying to get a mortgage comes with so many issues, however Adam helped me get two mortgages with extremely low rates. During the stressful admin period he assured me we would have nothing to worry about and he’d be able to make it work somehow and he did just that. Have also used him for my home insurance, landlords insurance and life insurance. Not only massively professional and trusted but also took the time to send me a congratulations card on my engagement. All round incredible service.

Holly Hagan

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