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How does this cover work?

As well as financially protecting yourself, we can assist in ensuring your home is fully covered. This is typically broken down into two main areas:

Buildings insurance

If purchasing a freehold property, the lenders will always insist on you having a buildings insurance policy in place. However, our advice at Helix is to always take a policy to ensure the property can be re-built if the worst was to ever happen.

Contents insurance

As well as protecting your home, it is also important to think about protecting your valuable belongings if the worse was to happen and everything was destroyed (in a fire, flood or robbery).

This also goes for ensuring your items are protected away from the home whilst at work or if on holiday. High-risk items such as fine art, jewellery and watches can also be insured separately to give you that extra peace of mind.

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I have used Adam for the past 2 years for financial advice, he is very knowledgable, professional and gets the job done in record time! Would be more than happy to recommend him to anyone.

Paula Edwards

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