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Second Charge Mortgages

A second charge mortgage is a loan secured against your property from another source other than through your lender. These are commonly referred to as ‘secured loans’ now but the principle is the same.

Is it right for me?

In most instances to refinance with your existing/new lender on a first charge basis is the most suitable route to take. However, there can be situations where this is either not possible or isn’t a cost-effective option to take. This could be because you have exit penalties on your current mortgage or are on a low rate that you do not want to lose. Alternatively, your current lender may not be able to lend you any further funds due to a change in your circumstances or because they are not happy with what you want to borrow the money for.

Secured loans have a tendency to offer a lot more flexibility on what you can raise monies for. They are available for many reasons such as purchasing a new car, debt consolidation or home improvements through to paying a tax bill or raising funds for business purposes to name just a few.

Why work with Helix?

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A greater degree of flexibility

Underwriting also has a greater degree of flexibility and these lenders are able to consider lending to older customers or those with poor credit. Plus, they can potentially offer a stronger affordability calculation or can consider customers who have recently switched to self-employment or are contract workers.

At Helix Financial our job will be to ensure that the second charge route is suitable for your needs.  As noted above, our first step will be to check to see if you are able to raise further borrowing with your current lender and if it is cost-effective to do.  Secured loans can carry higher rates and larger arrangement fees so it is down to us to ensure you are presented with the best advice before considering this route.


Applications are subject to status and lending criteria.
Applicants must be UK residents aged 18 or over.

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